Dynacor Earns Gold!

The world of online learning uses a wide array of methods to capture the minds of learners and achieve the best learning outcomes. At Dynacor – learning evolved; we use every tool imaginable to reach the best outcomes for our clients’ workforce. Since 2007, the team at Dynacor has been consistently earning international Telly Awards for creative excellence in numerous categories. We are excited to announce that this year we have been recognized with the rare achievement of a GOLD Telly Award for our work on an animated re-creation of a workplace fatality for the Energy Safety Canada Building Capacity to Manage Pressure course.

In August of 2017, a worker was completing a pressure test on the coil tube connector. The worker was positioned over the well head and was inadvertently contacted in the face by the test pipe, sustaining fatal injuries. The fatality was investigated by OHS and the company whose worker died was prosecuted and fined. Under Alberta’s OHS Act, the Court has the power to divert funds from fines to third party recipients to promote health and safety. In this case Energy Safety Canada received the funds to develop an educational online course about recognizing and managing the hazards around pressure. Energy Safety Canada chose Dynacor – learning evolved; to work together to develop an innovative and highly engaging tool to educate its members and other industries about the significant dangers of working around pressure and the role human and organizational performance can play in mitigating them. The animation forms the introduction to an interactive online course provided at no charge by Energy Safety Canada.

Dynacor’s General Manager Chad Friesen worked closely with Energy Safety Canada’s team of SME’s Robert Waterhouse, Lisa Stephenson, and Gordon Walsh to learn the fatal story and gather highly detailed content to inform the narrative. Everyone involved felt it was critical to be as authentic as possible, technically and artistically. Dynacor’s team of 3D artists San Mathew, Cody Thomas, and Alejandro Welch built all 3D assets and environments to create scenes that dramatically propel the learner right to the moment of the fatality. Then, using compelling storytelling techniques, the account takes the learner back in time to reveal the cause. Powerful narration provided by voice over artist Dave Pettitt immediately engages the learner and transports them on a highly visual journey of discovery of that fateful day.

About Dynacor – Learning Evolved

We are an evolutionary learning company driven to achieve better learning outcomes by employing tailored content development, instructional design, graphics, animation, and immersive technologies. Our skilled professionals use innovative and scientifically backed strategies to deliver best-in-class learning solutions – simple to complex.

About the Telly Awards

11,000 entries across 5 continents were submitted, all trying to achieve a level of international excellence. Founded in 1979 to honor commercials made for cable and local TV, The Telly Awards has continually refreshed its categories to honor the evolving, broad range of work being made — including branded content, social video and animation — working with industry experts to identify categories where new platforms play an increasingly important role in how stories are being told. In recognition of the industry’s continuing evolution, The Telly Awards reinforced its commitment to showcasing the many outstanding ways video is being used in this ever-changing landscape to now include Workplace Culture, Education &Training, Recruitment and Sustainability.