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See how ProcessLMS™ simplifies your workday and frees up your valuable time. 


Learning Management System

Learning Made Simple. An LMS built to suit industry needs – simplify your workday, free up valuable time keep learners compliant. 

Dynacor’s feature-rich eLearning platform is streamlined for the unique needs of your learning and
development program.

Friendly, intuitive dashboards provide learners and administrators with easy
access to content, management, and reporting features.

And, of course, our customized interface aligns
with your branding guidelines and reflects your workplace culture.


LMS Dashboard

Benefits of using ProcessLMS

Centralized Learning Hub

An LMS serves as a centralized platform for organizing, delivering, and managing learning content. This makes it easy to access a wide range of courses, materials, and resources in one place, streamlining the learning process.


LMS systems are highly scalable, accommodating the needs of both small and large organizations. As a company grows, it can easily expand its training initiatives within the same platform, without significant additional infrastructure or costs.

Consistency and Standardization

LMS platforms enable organizations to maintain consistency in training content and delivery. This ensures that all employees receive the same high-quality education, reducing variability in skills and knowledge across the workforce.

Tracking and Reporting

LMS systems provide robust tracking and reporting capabilities. Organizations can monitor learner progress, track completion rates, and generate detailed reports on training effectiveness. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions and measuring ROI.

Flexibility and Accessibility

LMS platforms offer flexible learning options. Learners can access training materials at their convenience, from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility is especially valuable for remote or geographically dispersed teams.

In Depth Features

General Features


  • Intuitive interface built for simplicity and all levels of computer literacy
  • Different dashboards for each type of user: admin, supervisor, or learner
  • Accessible on all devices with responsive design
  • System is branded with your company logo, colours and given your unique domain name
  • Checklists, manuals, and third-party certifications can be tracked just like courses
  • LMS can be integrated with CRM or HRIS software to track learner progress
  • Learners can email or print certificates directly from the dashboard
  • A SCORM compliant LMS with capability of uploading any SCORM 1.2 courses
  • Offer different language versions of the same course. Completions for all versions are tracked as a
    single course
  • Set end dates for course completions and certification expiration
  • Access help content, FAQ, and technical support anytime

Learner Features

Give your learners control over their own training. With just a few clicks they can create an account, take a course, and get back to what they do best. Just log in, learn, and go.


  • Learners can self-register and create their own profile
  • Learner dashboard displays assigned courses, completions, expiry dates, and deadlines
  • Course progress is saved, and learners can resume where they left off
  • Learners can edit their own profile and enroll in additional courses from the course catalog
  • Learners can reset their account password if locked out
  • Automatic email notifications are sent to learners when their certification is about to expire
  • Learning profiles based on job position, organizational unit, location, or other categories
  • Learners can specify company and employee ID during registration
  • Ability to select employee supervisor during registration
  • Ability to purchase courses online using PayPal or credit card
  • Ability to reset course completion and re-certify at any time
  • Learners can upload first aid certificates, driving abstracts, or any other previous training credentials to create a comprehensive training profile

Administration Features

Retrieve useful insight from your training programs while decreasing your administrative tasks. A full suite of user management, tracking, and reporting features maximize the return on your training investment.


  • Administrator dashboard with aggregated learner and course statistics
  • Intuitive reporting interface displays learner and course information
  • Powerful search feature to find learners by name, company, employee ID, group, supervisor, course, and date
  • Flexible filtering options by certified, inactive, or expired learner status
  • Automated reporting feature that can email user reports to selected administrators
  • Administrators can bulk-assign courses, learning profiles, and supervisors
  • Administrators can add new learners and archive inactive accounts
  • Administrators can view learners’ complete training record and profile details
  • Administrators can edit learner information and assign additional courses or learning profiles
  • Create user groups and manage learning profiles based on job position or organizational unit
  • Company policies, checklists, and other training documents and be uploaded and assigned as part of a GLO
  • Supervisors can be assigned to a group of learners to manage their own workers
  • Supervisors receive automatic email notifications of learner certification expiry
  • Export and download full learner reports in Microsoft Excel format
  • System records and displays the final course grade for each learner
  • System records and displays compliance score for each learning profile assigned to a learner
  • Bulk learner import, course assignment, and instant certificate creation (e.g. classroom sessions)
  • Administrators can group multiple courses into course bundles
  • Ability to sell courses and bundles online using PayPal integration
  • Flexible expiration period set for each course (e.g. 1 year)
  • Multiple levels of administrator accounts, including full-access and read-only permissions
  • Included in the package is an administrator training session

Getting Started

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Step 1 - Discuss Your Needs

Understand your current training delivery challenges and your business objectives.

Step 2 - Set Up

Apply your branding, upload your content, import your user database, and deploy.

Step 3 - Training and Support

Initial training and support for your administrators.

Case Studies

ProcessLMS™ learning management system has been the foundation to many of our customized solutions for our clients. Check out our previous projects and see how we have reduced downtime, training costs and increased results.

Want to learn more about ProcessLMS™?

Learn more about the LMS features and how we can tailor a solution for your organization.