3D Animated Video

Argus Machine Co. Ltd.

Industry: Oil and Energy
Region: Western Canada
Employees: 150
Live Since: 2014


  • Video, animation, and graphics
  • UI/UX
  • 3D Simulation

The Opportunity

Argus was looking for a company who knew the oil and gas industry well and could develop animated 3D videos that would speak to their clientele. Argus has been setting the industry standard as a fully equipped machining, engineering and design facility, manufacturing a diverse range of superior quality OCTG products since 1958.

Their needs included a “Pig Valve Operational Video”. It would feature options that would allow it to be used as sales tool as well as a training guide for customers who utilized their services.

The Solution

We developed a custom Argus-branded presentation interface that launched videos, 3D animations and sales material to be referenced during a client meeting. Because the presentation was required for both desktop and tablet configurations, the interface was built in HTML5 format. This allowed the presentation to be packaged as a stand-alone offline application, as well as embedded online into the Argus website.

We created detailed 3D renderings to be included in the sales presentation. Our skilled animators consulted with Argus engineers to ensure each rendering delivered an accurate representation of the product features and any processes that needed to be highlighted.

We produced animations to include in presentations, showcasing Argus’ technology. To further enhance the 3D animations, we provided an animated operator to demonstrate operator-related procedures.

Argus Module Example
Argus Valve

The Result

Argus has been actively using these tools on their website and as sales materials for new customers. They have been very happy with the product and continue to utilize our services for further upgrades and development