Building Capacity to Manage Pressure

Energy Safety Canada

Industry: Energy Safety Canada
Region: Canada
Employees: Member Companies
Live Since: 2022


  • Instructional Design
  • Video, 3D animation and graphics
  • Voice over
  • UI/UX
  • Interactive Activities
  • Knowledge checks
  • Final exam

The Opportunity

Our client, a large national safety association, was awarded a Creative Sentencing project through Alberta Occupational Health & Safety in relation to a workplace incident that resulted in a fatality. The project involved the creation of three learning modules to form a pressure hazards awareness program. A high-quality 3D animated recreation of the events leading to the fatal incident; an asynchronous eLearning course on the hazards of pressure, including interactive tools based on the fatality for learners to experiment risks and potential outcome of pressure; and, a scenario-based reflective learning eLearning course focused on management systems and Human and Organizational Performance factors.

The Solution

Incident Re-enactment: GOLD International Award for creative Excellence

Working closely with Energy Safety Canada and several subject matter experts, Dynacor’s 3D team expertly pieced together the events leading to the fatality for the development of the re-enactment. Impeccable attention was taken to accurately depict the people, the equipment, the environment and the sequence of events. What resulted was a 13-minute journey back in time to the horrible seconds where a worker lost his life. The 3D re-enactment earned a Gold International Award for Creative Excellence.

Custom eLearning

The two eLearning companion courses delved further into understanding what good pressure management looks like as well as opportunities to translate learnings from the modules back to learners’ own operations. Scenario-based reflective learning allowed learners to focus on management systems and human and organizational performance factors that can cause incidents.

The Response

“I found this very illuminating and refreshing.”

“This was awesome. Thank You.”

“Very well explained and easy to understand.”

“Course content excellent. Very well done in terms of being interactive and full of variety to keep learners engaged.”

The Result

As of April 2024, approximately 2,500 students have completed the course. 94% of students would recommend this course to others. The course played a pivotal role in kickstarting ESC’s HOP journey.