Corporate Orientation


Industry: Oil & Gas
Region: Canada
Employees: 10000+
Live Since: 2015


  • Learning Management System 
  • Instructional design
  • Video, animation, and graphics
  • UI/UX
  • Interactive activities
  • Knowledge checks
  • Final assessment

The Opportunity

Imperial Oil was running an orientation that took over four hours to complete due to an over-abundance of information. They were hoping to create a streamlined, more impactful orientation that would run approximately sixty minutes in length and lessen the drain on Imperial Oil’s resources.

The Solution

We created an engaging and interactive three-part orientation program that challenged the industry standard.

Drawing on a combination of video, animation and interactive exercises, we created the corporate orientation, Fundamentals of Safety, by using powerful, cinematic visuals and dramatic storytelling to drive the learning home.

Targeted, attention-getting content allowed us to place the learner in a universe where the worst could happen. The orientation is streamlined, efficient, and memorable.

Argus Module Example
Argus Valve

The Response

“We dared Dynacor to come up with an online orientation strategy that challenged the status quo and made safety related standards and guidelines easily digestible, attention grabbing, and ultimately more effective than traditional classroom delivered PowerPoint sessions. In meeting these demands, the Dynacor Media team was impressive in every way imaginable.”

Erik Mortensen

Safety Advisor, Imperial

The Result

The final result is a dynamic online orientation utilizing a learning management system where Imperial Oil administrators are able to track, test, and create reports about any Imperial Oil employee or contractor’s success, all prior to the person coming onsite, making them work-ready on day one.

Since launch, Imperial has assigned the course to 4578 users: 89% have successfully completed the orientation. This results in substantial savings in both cost of orientation and time spent by both learners and instructors.

“Fundamentals of Safety” earned two international Telly Awards in 2016: a Silver Telly – the highest recognition – for Employee Communications and a Bronze Telly for Safety.

Silver Telly Badge