CSTS 2020

Alberta Construction
Safety Association

Industry: Construction
Region: Alberta, Canada
Live Since: January 2020


  • Pre-Vizualisation
  • Video, 3D animation, and graphics
  • Hosted and narrated by actor
  • Knowledge checks

The Opportunity

The ACSA required a refresh to their existing CSTS-09. The course was originally designed to run 4 – 5 hours, but often took learners two or three times as long to complete. It was developed in Flash which is no longer supported by most browsers and was not mobile friendly. The learner demographic is broad in age (18–75), in familiarity with computers, and in English language comprehension.

The Solution

Dynacor worked with ACSA to arrive at a creative approach that targeted their audience and delivered concepts in an engaging manner. A live action host was cast to represent the learner demographic. Over the course of two years, Dynacor worked closely with ACSA’s project manager and instructional designer to script assist, visualize media options, schedule, film, animate, and graphically enhance a 90-minute, nine module course. Twenty job-specific add-on modules, each between 5 and 15 minutes, were also developed to allow employers to customize training to meet job specific requirements.

The Result

The course was developed in HTML5, was packaged using Dynacor’s SCORM player and deployed in ACSA’s Cornerstone LMS. As of September 2020, over 100,000 learners had taken CSTS 2020 following an official launch in January 2020. The training can now be completed in just 90 minutes. The Fundamentals course earned a silver international Telly Award for creative excellence in Safety.

Telly Awards