Ice Roads Orientation


Industry: Oil & Gas
Region: NWT, Canada
Live Since: 2019


  • Instructional design and script
  • Real-time rendering
  • 3D animation and graphics
  • Final assessment

The Opportunity

What do you do when you need an orientation developed for winter conditions in the middle of summer when there is no ice and snow? This was the problem that Imperial brought to us in the summer of 2019. Their Norman Wells site uses ice roads to transport goods and personnel between islands during the winter. The orientation needed to be complete in time before winter set in – a moving target.

The Solution

We used a combination of traditional rendering and real-time rendering using the Unreal Engine 4 game development engine. This emerging animation rendering technique greatly cut down on production time while maintaining the very high quality Dynacor has become known for.

The Result

The orientation was launched in time for ice road construction to begin. All workers using the ice roads are required to complete the training.