IV Medication Administration

NorQuest College

Industry: Post Secondary Education, Healthcare
Region: Edmonton, Alberta
Live Since: 2019


  • Instructional design
  • Video, 3D animation, and graphics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Interactive activities
  • Knowledge checks
  • Final assessment

The Opportunity

NorQuest was looking for an interactive experience that would allow students to practice the procedural steps in preparing IV medications for administration to a patient. 

This is a particularly tricky and high-risk procedure involving many pieces of apparatus, multiple locations, the understanding of doctor’s orders and medical documentation, as well as a fair bit of manual dexterity.

Nova In-line Operator Training Module
Nova 3D Animation

The Solution

Working closely with NorQuest’s instructors, we developed a highly detailed and intuitive virtual reality interaction with the various tools and props found in the medical procedure.

A student’s entire session data is recorded and then reported back to them highlighting what they did correctly and any steps they may have missed in the scenario. This tracking system is extremely robust and encourages the student to repeat the procedure until they achieve a perfect score.

Nova 3D Animation
Nova In-line Operator Training Module

The Response

“We worked with Dynacor to inform them of what we needed and they delivered…We wanted something that is engaging in a way familiar to today’s technology-driven students. With this, we are able to bring the motivation from the world of gaming into learning. Already, students are coming back to ‘play’ the VR scenario over and over again until they master the game/skill.”

Dustin Chan

NorQuest Instructor

“I like how it is different from the lab environment, and the ways it makes me think about what I have to do next.”

Brandi Caskenette

NorQuest Nursing Student

“It feels like you are actually there with a real patient.”

Jayme Stadnyk

Norquest Nursing Student

The Result

The final result is an immersive virtual experience where students can perform step-by-step procedures. Feedback provided at the end of the scenario allows them to repeat the scenario and perfect their skills before interacting with a real patient.

The use of this technology is proving to be an incredible tool in building both muscle memory and assisting learners to develop confidence.

The “IV Medication Administration” virtual reality experience earned a Bronze International Telly Award for Immersive & Mixed Reality (Instructional & Training).

We’ve also received an EPIC MegaGrant for our creative use of the Unreal Engine to create a safe learning environment for nursing students.

Telly Awards