Lifting & Rigging


Industry: Oil & Gas
Region: Alberta, Canada
Live Since: 2019


  • Instructional design
  • Video and 360° Imagery
  • 3D animation and graphics
  • Interactive activities
  • Knowledge checks
  • Final assessment

The Opportunity

Imperial’s Kearl Oil Sands operation is constantly undergoing maintenance and construction often involving using cranes to lift very large components. An incident occurred during such a lift because of poor communication between two work crews. Imperial wanted to develop a lifting and rigging awareness course helping to ensure this never happens again.

The Solution

Dynacor used 360° imagery to allow learners to explore a lifting situation and identify members of the lift-crew and site hazards. We also produced a dramatic re-creation of the incident using 3D models rendered as still frames in sequence along with compelling narration.

Other components of the development included mentorship videos explaining critical nature of the content and the responsibilities of each member of the team, interactive formative assessments, location video, and motion graphics.

The Result

The lifting and rigging course has been instrumental in onboarding workers to the Kearl site and making them aware of the possible hazards. Over 4,500 workers have completed the training.