Online Safety Orientation


Industry: Utility
Region: Alberta
Employees: 2700
Live Since: 2016


  • ProcessLMS™ 
  • Instructional design
  • Video, animation, and graphics
  • Interactive activities
  • Knowledge checks
  • Final assessment

The Opportunity

EPCOR wanted to implement an online EPCOR-branded safety orientation to deliver consistent, current and accurate information to its employees and contractors. The existing orientation was delivered in person using PowerPoint. The orientation process took too much valuable time for EPCOR safety staff as well as employees and contractors. All reporting and documentation were managed manually and was a time consuming task. The opportunity existed to create an online orientation that would save valuable time and money of both EPCOR employees and its contractors.

The Solution

We converted the text-based content into an engaging one hour course for learners, so that the important information is heard, understood, and remembered. Using relevant images captured in the field with site subject matter experts, we customized and created representative training environments for learners.

The tone and style was built to be conversational and easy to understand. A balance of information using expertly captured video, graphics, and animation created an engaging and memorable course that ties to the organizational culture, brand and environment. This provided strong links to the trainees’ reality, increasing engagement and retention.

Interactive activities create a sense of participation and understanding of key concepts with a final exam to verify that EPCOR safety standards were communicated and learned.

EPCOR also utilized our learning management system, ProcessLMS™, to launch their new orientation allowing employees and contractors to register and take the orientation offsite. This will effectively decrease the amount of resources EPCOR needs to use in the training process, spending less time and money.

EPCOR Module

The Result

The interactive orientation only takes a learner an hour to complete on one resource. To date, over 3,000 employees and contractors have completed the online safety orientation.