Supervisor Discipline Training

Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta

Industry: Electrical Contractors Association
Region: Alberta
Employees: Member Companies
Live Since: 2015


  • Instructional design
  • Video, animation, and graphics
  • Interactive activities
  • Knowledge checks
  • Final assessment

The Opportunity

The Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA) had a need to create an eLearning program to educate supervisors on methods and skills required to effectively apply progressive discipline and manage undesirable behavior or performance of crew members. All they had for content was what was in the minds of in-class instructors.

The training was targeted for all levels of field supervision and contractor management employed by contractors signed to a Collective Agreement.

Through effective training the ECAA want to provide their members and potential members with training which would increase productivity and competiveness; decrease grievance costs and improve labor relations with the IBEW.

The Solution

Our instructional designer worked with the ECAA to collect all course content via a series of in person meetings and prepared a structured course. Our creative and development teams then went to work on developing a solution to ensure the learner is fully engaged and retains the information they will be exposed to.

To provide context for what the participant was about to learn, the course began with a dramatized incident, setting the tone up front while underscoring the importance of aligning crew behaviors around safe work practices. In the beginning of each module a part of the story plays out, establishing a segue to the learning objectives and content to be presented.

To carry the storyline and deliver a truly engaging learning experience, voice actors and sound effects were layered over a series of animated stills for visual context.

The learner’s imagination was actively engaged in the storyline while internalizing important lessons along the way.

ECAA Module Example 1
ECAA Module Example 2

The Results

ECAA is very happy with the Supervisor Discipline course that was developed and implemented. They have had over 200 users to date, and they expect more, as time progresses. 99.5% of learners gave positive feedback after they completed the eLearning.