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AR/VR/360º Video for Training

Deliver memorable learning experiences with leading-edge technologies

Our immersive training is developed from the ground up. We take the time to discuss your needs, understand your learning objectives, and analyze your current training materials.

From there, our team of specialists develop a learning strategy that includes scripting, a process framework, content production, testing, and the final launch.

This end-to-end approach ensures that our courseware provides the right-sized, effective, and engaging solution your training needs.

Elevate Your Training

Use virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D simulation, and 360° video to immerse your learners in real life situations. Learners can master skills safely through first-hand experiences while increasing capability and confidence.

Immersive training reduces the organization’s need for in-person tools, training space, and allows one facilitator to oversee a higher number of students. Overall, reducing the cost per learner for the organization.

Virtual Reality Sample

Virtual Reality

Uses VR headsets and controllers to place your workers in 3D virtual environments. The learner has full control of this environment and can interact with simulation scenarios. Track learners’ performance and access their competency within the experience. If your training scenario is too expensive, too dangerous, or too remote virtual reality overcomes the challenge.

Augmented reality developed to identify and simply complex engines to the learner.

Augmented Reality

Layer vital information on the real world. AR provides learners with just-in-time information using convenient smart technologies. Ideal for training on the job with complex components.

Augmented reality developed to identify and simply complex engines to the learner.
3D Simulation Sample

3D Simulation

Replicate your work environment and activities in a desktop experience. SCORM compatibility allows training records to be tracked quantitatively and qualitatively. Ideal for hazardous situation training and for cost prohibitive situations.

360° Video Production

Immerse your learners in real world settings and allow them to explore 360° around them. Add clickable content to train, inform, and assess learning. Can be delivered using a VR headset or mobile and desktop devices. Ideal for site orientation, familiarization, and demonstrations.

Close the Gap

between learning and application

Industry Recognized

We’re proud to have been recognized by Epic Games, Unreal Engine, The Telly Awards, and Digital Alberta for our creative use of immersive technology designed for instruction and training.

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