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Learning Management System

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ProcessLMS™ provide maximum value to your business and a streamlined learning experience for your learners.

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Branded
  • Learner Self-Driven
  • Upload Previous Certifications
  • Renewal Notifications
  • Automatic Completion Reports




General Features

Intuitive Interface

Designed for all levels of computer literacy. Improving online experience and simplifying learning.

Unique Dashboards

Learners can quickly and easily see assigned or completed courses, grades, and learning plans.

Access Online

A cloud-based software, allowing learners to access material from home or at work from any device.


Add your company logo, colours and create your own domain for authenticity among your users.

Generic Learning Objects

Checklists, manuals, and third party certifications can be tracked just like courses.

Full System Integration

Can be integrated with CRM or HRIS software to track your learners’ progress.


Learners can simply email or print their certificates directly from the dashboard.

SCORM Compliant

Grow your training library by uploading any SCORM 1.2 courses with a single click.

Multi-Language Support

Offer different language versions of the same course. Completions for all versions are tracked and reported as a single course.


Set end dates for course completions and certification expiration.

Tech Support

We’re here to help answer your questions and solve any technical difficulties.

Learner Features

Give your learners control over their own training. With just a few clicks they can create an account, take a course, and get back to what they do best. Just log in, learn, and go.

Self Registration

Learners can create their account from any device with as little as a name and an email address.

Learner Capabilities

Learners can edit their profile, enroll in open courses, reset their password, and re-certify or review at any time.

Upload Previous Certifications

Upload previous training credentials to create a comprehensive training profile.


Learners receive automatic emails, alerting them of expiring certifications so they can stay compliant.

Administrative Features

Retrieve useful insight from your training programs while decreasing your administrative tasks. A full suite of user management, tracking, and reporting features maximize the return on your training investment.

Administrative Features

Admin Levels

Assign just the right level of access to admins, supervisors, and even contractors.

Manage Users

Easily add new users, assign courses, edit learner information, and archive inactive accounts.

Search and Filters

Filter and search for relevant data for customized reports based on a variety of criteria.

Training Session

We’ll ensure your admins have all the training they need to get the most out of your new LMS using a train-the-trainer model.

Admin Dashboard

Insights into course statistics, learner completions and grades at a glance.


Customize reports based on filters and download in .CSV format. Schedule reports to run and distribute automatically.

Sell Your Courses

Learners can purchase courses using PayPal integration. We’ll set it up for you.

Bulk Import

Import groups of learners effortlessly when providing group training or during initial set up.

But that’s not all! Here’s a detailed list of our ProcessLMS™ features

Getting Started

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Step 1 - Discuss Your Needs

Understand your current training delivery challenges and your business objectives.

Step 2 - Set Up

Apply your branding, upload your content, import your user database, and deploy.

Step 3 - Training and Support

Initial training and support for your administrators.

Need Content Development

Do you need
content development?

Our team of learning specialists are ready to help you bring your content to an online format for any device. Let us capture your instructor-led training on video or work together to custom develop and deliver courses using video, documents, or PowerPoints.

Case Studies

ProcessLMS™ learning management system has been the foundation to many of our customized solutions for our clients. Check out our previous projects and see how we have reduced downtime, training costs and increased results.

Want to learn more about ProcessLMS™?

Learn more about the LMS features and how we can tailor a solution for your organization.